We are currently providing financial assistance for four pastors, all in different locations but all having the same purpose to connect people to Jesus.

In 2018 we also ran two projects, “Getting Pastors Mobile” and the “Well Project”.

“Getting Pastors Mobile” came about having seen and heared stories of Pastors walking for miles to their church communities and also maintaining visitation with people in their communities. Our church raised enough money to purchase five motorbikes that were given to Pastors to aid with their responsibilities and to ensure they also get home to their families.

The “Well Project” was all about empowering a community of widows. These women had nothing, no income, no food, and no provision for their families. The Pastor had some land, the well and an irrigation system

we built, land prepared, seed sown and now a harvest of vegetables, that the women can sell at the local markets.

Also in 2019 we partnered with the 20/20 vision of providing education for Pastors children. Life Missions has been able to provide for six children with education. We desire that this vital menistry will grow in the years to come.