Meet Our People

The team at Life Church are an ethnically diverse and experienced team of pastors. With a heart of compassion and a love for the people of God, they serve sacrificially through hospitality, prayer, visitation for the sick, compassion for the hurting, pastoral counselling, relationship support and biblical discipleship and preaching, either through sermons each week, or their home groups.

Lead Pastors

Graeme and Amanda are the lead pastors of Life Church Parramatta. Together they are passionate about the local church family and their heart is to raise many sons and daughters and release them into the plans that God has created them to fulfil. Ministering both globally and locally to many different ethnic communities, they have travelled to many nations to join with partners and co-laborers for the spread of the gospel message. They have 3 children, Jesse, Hannah and Billy.

Pastoral Team Parramatta

Blessed with a team of experienced and ethnically diverse pastors, Life Church Parramatta looks after a church family comprising of 40+ ethnic people groups. This makes for colourful services and amazing food feasts together! The pastoral team open their homes for hospitality, mid-week connect groups, prayer and pastoral counseling. They are available to visit the sick and support families with pastoral care when called upon. Please call the office on 02 9890 4121 if you need a pastoral visit.

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